MxC® 300

The MxC® 300 is a two-chip production solution targeted for use in 65W Transformerless AC-DC power supply products. The chipset enables the replacement of the traditional ‘bulky’ transformer by the transfer of power across a capacitive isolation barrier. As a result, AC-DC power supply solutions can be realized with a 5x – 7x power density improvement over traditional transformer-based architectures with average efficiencies greater than 94%.

The MxC 300 chipset consists of a primary-side Power Controller IC and a secondary-side MuxCapacitor IC which uses Helix’s patented MuxCapacitor technology for voltage reduction. The chipset supports USB-C PD3.0 output voltages with load currents of up to 3.25A at 20V.

The MxC 300 also enables the management of no-load conditions to meet or exceed a Zero Power requirement of < 5mW. Proprietary Helix technology is used to effectively manage the no-load power dissipation while still maintaining the output voltage at the specified value.

Typical applications include:

  • USB-C Compatible Output Voltages
  • Smart Outlets
  • IoT and IIoT Gateways
  • Remote Sensors
  • Smoke and CO Detectors

Download MxC 300 Product Brief