Gazelle 48V to 12V Bidirectional Power Converter

Helix's revolutionary Gazelle power converter takes MuxCapacitor® technology to a whole new level, by layering our patented Adaptive Dynamic Efficiency Optimization (ADEO) technology on the already highly efficient Helix Semiconductors MxC 200 converter, achieving peak efficiency of greater than 97%.  This new modular design is the ultimate in a nimble, customizable and scalable approach to high efficiency power conversion for data center and solar applications.

Parallel arrangement of divide-by-4 MxC 200 configuration delivers 2KW 48V to 12V at >96% efficiency. 1U enclosure for high performance rack systems.

Under development: MxC 250 100w 48V to 12V, which will enable 4KW in same 1U enclosure.