MuxCapacitor Products

Helix Semiconductors' products are built around the company’s MuxCapacitor voltage conversion cell IP.  The MuxCapacitor IP and topology allows for high-efficiency DC voltage conversion supporting highly integrated power ICs for a variety of AC-DC and DC-DC applications in multiple end markets.  When implemented in a leading-edge, high-voltage CMOS process, our products can support up to 400Vdc input voltages, allowing our ICs to be used in most worldwide AC mains AD-DC applications.

Helix’s AC-DC converter chipsets enable transformer-based or transformer-less AC-DC power supply solutions for multiple end applications with end-to-end average efficiency greater than 95%.  The Helix IP also enables the management of no-load conditions to meet or exceed a Zero Power requirement of < 5mW. Proprietary Helix technology is used to effectively manage the no-load power dissipation while still maintaining the output voltage at the specified value.

Helix DC-DC converter ICs are focused on intermediate bus voltage conversion applications, +24Vdc to +60Vdc input voltages, supporting solutions with greater than 94% average efficiency and no load power consumption of <5mW.

Typical AC-DC applications include:

  • USB-C Compatible Output Voltages
  • Smart Outlets
  • IoT and IIoT Gateways
  • Remote Sensors
  • Smoke and CO Detectors

Typical DC-DC applications include:

  • Telecom Blades, Data Centers
  • PoE: Wireless Access Points Security
  • Cameras, VoIP Phones
  • Industrial Controllers, HVAC
  • IoT & IIoT Gateways

Power ICs Overview

Helix products enable high-efficiency voltage conversion in no-load (vampire), standby, and lightly loaded operating conditions.