Mains Voltage Solutions

The Zero Power HV MuxCapacitor® is a configurable high voltage DC voltage reduction device.  The device contains two 400VDC input rated MuxCapacitor cells.  Each cell supports 1.0, 0.667 and 0.5 output voltage reduction ratios providing a 5W output.  The MuxCapacitor cells can be wired in series or in parallel for greater voltage reduction or higher output power, respectively.

Parallel Configuration – Higher Output Current

MuxCapacitor IC AC-DC, HV Parallel Configuration

The MuxCapacitor IC AC-DC incorporates the parallel configuration HV MuxCapacitor with a forward converter transformer for applications requiring safety isolation.  The HV MuxCapacitor voltage reduction ratio is optimized for 90VAC-120VAC operation producing a 10W output.

Applications include:

  • IoT & IIoT Gateways
  • Smart Outlets
  • Remote Sensors
  • Smoke and CO Detectors

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5W High Voltage DC-DC

The MuxCapacitor 5W High Voltage DC-DC is a simple high voltage DC, voltage reduction board.  The board accepts up to 400VDC and provides 1.0, 0.667 and 0.5 output voltage reduction ratios for 5W output.

Applications include:

  • High Voltage Battery Arrays
  • AC-DC Applications with External Rectifier

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The HV MuxCapacitor plus LDO is an AC-DC voltage converter for low power (250mW) applications.  The HV MuxCapacitor stages enable small form factor packaging without using bulky inductors and large capacitors.  The regulated output voltage of the LDO is set by an external resistor divider.

Applications include:

  • Smart Outlets
  • High Voltage Battery Systems
  • Remote Sensors
  • Utility Meters

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HV Series Configuration plus Current Source

The HV MuxCapacitor plus Current Source is an AC-DC lighting controller for low to medium power LEDs. The HV MuxCapacitor stages enable small form factor packaging without using bulky inductors and large capacitors.  The regulated current source is set by an external resistor.

Applications include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Smart Lighting Fixtures
  • Smart Outlets

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The MuxCapacitor with isolation is an AC-DC transformer-less voltage converter for low power IoT applications.  A capacitive power driver and receiver replaces the traditional transformer offering 3kV isolation enabling small form factor packaging.

Applications include:

  • Remote Sensors
  • IoT & IIoT Gateways
  • Smart Outlets
  • Consumer Appliances User Interface

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Standby Power

The MuxCapacitor standby power chipset integrates into a high power SMPS to provide the power under low demand “standby” conditions.  The chip set monitors the load conditions and its line side controller enables the main SMPS when the load “wakes-up.”  A capacitive power driver provides the safety isolation.

Applications include:

  • Gaming PCs, Game Consoles
  • Servers
  • Large Flat Panel Displays
  • Power Inverters
  • Consumer Appliances

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