MxC® 200 Family - 48VDC-DC Converter Products

The MxC® 200 family consists of several monolithic, configurable, high-voltage MuxCapacitor® DC-DC converter integrated circuits targeted for use in both non-isolated and isolated, buck or boost converter applications. 

Using patented conversion capacitive conversion and capacitive isolation technology, the MxC 200 ICs support seamless integration with existing low-voltage power solutions to provide highly efficient 12V to 57V DC-DC converter solutions for regulated or non-regulated PoL, isolated or non-isolated applications. Intelligent MuxCapacitor timing and control optimize power delivery efficiency from no-load to maximum power.

Production pricing, samples and demonstration boards are available upon request here.

Typical applications include:

  • Telecom Blades, Data Centers
  • PoE: Wireless Access Points Security
  • Cameras, VoIP Phones
  • Industrial Controllers, HVAC
  • IoT & IIoT Gateways

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2D_048_15A Block Diagram

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Helix products enable high-efficiency voltage conversion in no-load (vampire), standby, and lightly loaded operating conditions.